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Siren Essentials Pack
Siren Essentials Pack - Mermaid Straw

Siren Essentials Pack

$25.00 $19.00

    With our essentials pack, you'll be armed with a straw for any occasion! This Siren Essentials Pack includes 1 Long Travel Pouch, 1 Long Mermaid Curved, 1 Mermaid Smoothie, 1 Regular Mermaid Straight and 1 Mini Mermaid. Each straw comes with its own cleaning brush. 

    All Mermaid Straws are made from the highest food grade stainless steel. Our reusable straws are non-toxic, tasteless, rust-proof, plastic free, and environmentally friendly.

    Don't like the feeling of drinking from a metal straw? Sensitive to hot/cold beverages? Need something softer or bendable? We've got you covered with our reusable Silicone Tips. Add on your favorite colors, slide them on your Mermaid Straw and enjoy.

    *Every straw is unique and colors will vary*

    WIDTH: 6mm
    LENGTH: 10in

    WIDTH: 12mm
    LENGTH: 8.5in

    WIDTH: 6mm
    LENGTH: 8.5in

    WIDTH: 6mm
    LENGTH: 5in



    Mermaid Straw is a supporter of Plastic Bank®, an organization committed to stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities. We proudly donate 1% of our gross sales to Plastic Bank every month. Learn more.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 94 reviews
    Narkeasha Dixon
    Siren Essentials pack

    They are amazing can’t stop using them I take them everywhere I go and don’t leave the house without them

    Lea L.
    Perfect straw bundle

    Amazing quality and definitely an eye-catcher! The set is perfect to use at home or even on the go at restaurants or for when you travel. Easy to clean because of the included cleaning brushes. They also seem quite durable so I’m sure they’ll last for a long long time. :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Lea! We're so glad you love your straws :)

    Jean Vaughn

    1st) WOW they are faster than amazon prime. 2nd) the siren pack is stunning. You don’t ever think of plastic and SS straws changing the actual taste of your drink of preference but the siren straws just make a take “clearer”. Anyway, I love them and will certainly purchase more to reduce our footprint even more.
    Thank mermaid straw. Completely awesome.

    Jean, WOW!! Thank you so much for your incredible review, and for your support! We are so glad you love your Siren Straws ❤

    Amanda Olvera
    Great Product!!

    Kind of thought I wouldn’t use them that much, but I use them everyday. Will definitely purchase more as gifts.

    That makes us so happy Amanda, thank you so much for your support!

    Kristen Stillman
    So worth it!!

    I love my Mermaid straws! At first I was wondering if I may have waisted my money on something I wasn’t going to use (I don’t usually use straws when I drink), but now that I have them I haven’t stopped using them! The essentials pack I perfect because there isn’t a drink I don’t have a straw for. Highly recommend and would definitely buy again 😄

    Thank you so much Kristen! We're so glad your Siren Essentials Pack is coming in handy. We appreciate your support! :)