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Siren Travel Set
Ultimate Siren Travel Set - Black Wrap - Mermaid Straw
Ultimate Siren Travel Set - Black Wrap - Mermaid Straw

Siren Travel Set

$38.00 $32.00

    The most sleek and stylish zero waste set you'll ever see! Our Siren Travel Set - Black Wrap contains 1 Regular Siren Straw (your choice of curved or straight), 1 Siren Fork, 1 Siren Teaspoon, 1 Siren Butter Knife, 1 set of Siren Chopsticks and 1 regular sized Black Travel Wrap.

    Perfect replacement for single use plastic utensils and straws so you're always prepared while you're on the go!

    *Every item is unique and colors will vary. Our company is packaging free (besides the mailer or shipping box.) Utensils will not come in any packaging to eliminate unnecessary packaging waste.


    Mermaid Straw is a supporter of Plastic Bank®, an organization committed to stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities. We proudly donate 1% of our gross sales to Plastic Bank every month. Learn more.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 208 reviews
    Shaikhah Albader

    Great quality, loved them

    Jasmine Rymer
    I love this set!

    I was so happy when my set came. It is good for when I am at school.

    Amazing travel set

    The siren travel set works amazing, the color is really beautiful, it’s easy to clean and pack for the go.
    There are only 2 things that I would point out. First, the knife, spoon and chopsticks had small scratches when they arrived. It was a bit sad, but I didn’t mind much since they work just fine and the scratches aren't too noticeable. Second, I think that the spoon is smaller in size compared to the rest of the kit. It would be nice if it was a bit bigger or the handle longer, this way it would be more comfortable to hold and it would match the size of the rest of the set.
    Overall, I’m very pleased with the siren travel set! Definitely an great buy!

    Desire Dibble

    This is a good set to have in the car so you always have a set in case you need it!

    Thank you, Desire!

    Great quality!

    I love this set! I take them to work everyday for lunches and such the like. Although you do have to be mindful with the utensils as they can scratch easily. Otherwise they are great quality.

    If I could have ordered just a set of 4 chopsticks I would have brought those too!

    We're so glad you love your travel set, Abi! Thank you for your support :)