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Mermaid Trio Pack
Mermaid Trio Pack - Mermaid Straw

Mermaid Trio Pack

$21.00 $16.00

    Whether you start your day with a fresh juice or a thick, delicious smoothie, our Mermaid Trio Pack has you covered. This pack includes 1 Travel Pouch, 1 Mermaid Smoothie Straw, 1 Straight Mermaid Straw, and 1 Curved Mermaid Straw. Each straw comes with its own cleaning brush. 

    All Mermaid Straws are made from the highest food grade stainless steel. Our reusable straws are non-toxic, tasteless, rust-proof, plastic free, and environmentally friendly.

    Don't like the feeling of drinking from a metal straw? Sensitive to hot/cold beverages? Need something softer or bendable? We've got you covered with our reusable Silicone Tips. Add on your favorite colors, slide them on your Mermaid Straw and enjoy.

    *Every straw is unique and colors will vary*

    WIDTH: 6mm
    LENGTH: 8.5in

    WIDTH: 6mm
    LENGTH: 8in

    WIDTH: 12mm
    LENGTH: 8.5in



    Mermaid Straw is a supporter of Plastic Bank®, an organization committed to stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities. We proudly donate 1% of our gross sales to Plastic Bank every month. Learn more.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 185 reviews
    Elizabeth Birchall

    Mermaid Trio Pack

    Melanie Delancy
    Mermaid straws

    Excellent product and will make perfect christmas gifts

    We're so glad you love your trio pack Melanie!

    Melissa Shores

    Love my mermaid straws! The quality of they straws is great and the color is mesmerizing! The variety of straws in the trio pack is a plus! Can’t wait for my next purchase!

    Thank you SO much Melissa, we're so glad you love your Trio Pack! ❤

    Mckenzie Clark

    Mermaid Trio Pack

    Miranda Bickford
    Long Review- TL;DR Worth the Price

    I kept seeing Mermaid Straw ASMR Tiktok videos and was drawn to the quality of how each product looked. I decided to check them out and see if they lived up to the hype.

    After doing some research, I ended up purchasing the Mermaid Trio Pack, Siren Trio Pack, and Rose Gold Trio Pack (for myself, my mom, and my sister) plus a bunch of tips and silencers.

    The silencers are a HUGE plus, not only because they keep the straw from making a ton of noise, but also because the straw doesn’t have a stopper at the end. If you accidentally tip your drink over; the straw can fall right out of the lid— the silencer stops this.

    The delivery was super speedy (arrived much earlier than stated and the packing was immaculate) which was a pleasant surprise.

    The quality is absolutely perfect. They are solid, sturdy, and beautifully colored.

    For reference, the regular straight straws and regular curved straws are about the same size as the straws you’d get for a medium iced beverage from Dunkin’ Donuts/Starbucks.

    TL;DR— these straws are completely worth the price, have unbelievable quality, and I love the fact that I can support a small business+the planet all at the same time. 🔥💯 🌎

    Miranda, you are amazing!!! Thank you SO much for your support! ❤