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Pink Glass Straw Pack
Pink Glass Straw Pack - Mermaid Straw

Pink Glass Straw Pack

$17.00 $14.00

    This Pink Glass Straw Pack includes 1 Long Travel Pouch, 1 Pink Glass Curved & 1 Pink Glass Straight. Each straw comes with its own cleaning brush. 

    Eco-friendly & reusable 8mm Glass Mermaid Straws make the perfect addition to your environmentally sustainable routine. They are plastic free, non-toxic, dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly. 

    WIDTH: 8mm
    LENGTH: 10in 
    WIDTH: 8mm
    LENGTH: 10in


    Mermaid Straw is a supporter of Plastic Bank®, an organization committed to stopping ocean plastic while improving the lives of collectors in vulnerable coastal communities. We proudly donate 1% of our gross sales to Plastic Bank every month. Learn more.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews

    So, first off, I love these straws! They are adorable and immediately the green monster showed itself at work, everyone wanted one! Unfortunately, due to my own ignorance, I've already broken one. Somehow came out of my cup and was smashed when my hubby placed the rifle case on top of it on our way to the range... ouch. Good news though... very clean snap, no shattering, glass is not all over my car. I'm honestly surprised at how well it handled everything. I even tried banging the other one (curved one) on the counter to show my coworkers how strong it was and didn't have an issue. My straight one broke :(

    I will 100% be buying more of these in all the colors once I get the money to again because I've already resold one to a co-worker who could NOT wait for his own.. Now I need to replace my two missing straws. lol

    We're so sorry one broke!! But we appreciate your support so much & are happy to hear you'd order again :)

    Emi Estrada
    Love Them

    They have the cute aesthetic to them and I carry them around in my car for when I have a drink that needs a straw. Also great quality

    Hannah Hewett
    Pink glass straws

    I love these straws, are now my go too and I use them for every drink I can

    Angelina Singh
    Pink & classy

    Love the material. Omg!!! I love these glass straws. I ordered so many of them to last me a while!! My fiancé loves them too! Worth it!!

    Vicky Em
    Cute and bubbly

    Love these straws and their quality. Really gave me princess vibes, or Barbie having a pop by the beach vibes. Thank you!