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Alison's Adventures x Mermaid Straw

Introducing the Alison's Adventures Collection

Who is Alison Teal?

Who is Alison Teal?

Alison Teal, Time Magazine’s "Female Indiana Jones," travels the world seeking out the greatest myths, mysteries, and legends on earth. A lifelong explorer and professional filmmaker, she shares her films and photos through her blog and social media. With a mission to educate through entertainment, the Alison’s Adventures series inspires millions across the globe through her storytelling and humor that captivates audiences of all ages. Her work on highlighting the global Plastic Pollution Crisis is bringing much needed attention to this issue. 

Mermaid Straw is so excited to partner with Alison's Adventures, as our missions so perfectly align! By joining forces, we are thrilled to offer exclusive Alison's Adventures eco-friendly and reusable products.

The Plastic Pollution problem by the numbers

More than 8 MILLION TONS of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year! This number continues to grow because of how many single use plastic items are used in the US every year. Here are some of the top contributors:





Alison's work to raise awareness about Plastic Pollution

Each Alison’s Adventures film and corresponding digital media calls attention to global, environmental, and human issues through entertaining story lines that educate and inspire viewers to be a part of the solution. "By inspiring and educating the youth of today, we create solid leaders for the future."

The grandest treasure hunts in history sometimes reveal the greatest truths. In Alison's Tedx Talk in 2015, we learn about her journey to uncover “the greatest treasure on earth,” and her profound discoveries along the way. With a mission to educate through entertainment, Alison Teal is a voice for both exploration and conservation. Through her exciting film series, she shares shocking discoveries about plastic pollution, proving that “water is life.”

Join the Plastic Free movement!

Mermaid Straw has saved over 100,000,000 plastic straws from entering our environment!

We give back with every purchase

1% for the Planet is an international non-profit organization whose members take a pledge to give back at least 1% of their annual sales (not just profits) to the protection of our environment - whether or not they were profitable. This assures that each member makes a commitment of transparency to ensure they uphold their promise to donate and follow through.

Mermaid Straw is proud to be a member of this organization joining more than 2,000 other eco-conscious members, in over 45 countries, who are coming together to protect the future of our planet. 

So far, 1% for the Planet has certified more than $225 million in support to approved environmental nonprofit organizations such as Surfrider Foundation, Alliance for the Great Lakes, Sea Shepard, Ocean Conservancy, Sea Turtle Conservancy - all of which we have donated to on behalf of our customers.

Our commitment to #CLEANOURWORLD

Beach Cleanups

Mermaid Straw hosts beach cleanups on Lake Michigan every month from April through September. We use these cleanups as an opportunity to bring together local residents and businesses to spread awareness among our community about the impact that plastic pollution has on our environment. 

Our business cleanup partners provide participants with freebies to show appreciation for their efforts AND we have professional Mermaids swim ashore for each event! We aim to make our cleanups FUN! 

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