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Help us #cleanourworld from anywhere in the world!!

Every year, from April through September, we host beach cleanups on the last Saturday of each month on Lake Michigan. Since beginning these cleanups in 2018, we have gone from 5 participants, to 50 participants, to well over 100 participants coming out to each of our local cleanup events. 

During this time, we had, not only our Ambassador community, but also our customers from all over the world reach out to us and ask if there was a way they could participate in our monthly cleanups as well? Well... NOW YOU CAN!!

We are now opening up participation in our monthly cleanup events to anyone, anywhere in the world! 

That's right! We want you to join our cleanup efforts on the last Saturday of each month by doing a cleanup in your local area. You could clean up your local beach, local park, or even your neighborhood. You can join us each month and help us clean our world! 

Imagine the impact we will have by the end of this year if we all commit to doing this together, one day per month for the next six months! Who's with us?!


Win a FREE Mermaid Straw Cleanup T-shirt!

How to enter: 

After you have finished your cleanup, post a picture of you and your crew with the trash you picked up and tag us @mermaidstraw on your IG or TikTok. That's it!

We'll pick 1 winner per cleanup date. The winner will receive a coupon code for a FREE Mermaid Straw Cleanup Tee AND be featured in our monthly cleanup review post! Here are some examples of mermazing pictures taken by our volunteer's after their cleanups...

Mermaid Straw Cleanup Guide

Safety First!

Staying safe during a cleanup is a top priority. Picking up trash can be risky so please follow the following precautions when you are out on a cleanup:

1. DO NOT PICK UP ANY HAZARDOUS ITEMS (such as hypodermic needles, syringes, etc). If you come across any items of this nature, call your local authorities/park supervisors so they can come and properly/safely dispose of the items.

2. Avoid picking up other sharp items such as broken glass, metal with sharp edges, wood with nails, etc.

3. Be careful around bodies of water where rip tides, strong currents, high waves, etc. may be present.

4. Stay clear of areas where dangerous species may be present such as snakes, spiders, jellyfish, crabs, etc.

5. Wear protective clothing including closed toe shoes, reusable protective gloves and masks (when working in close groups).

6. Wear reef safe, harmful chemical free sunscreen and hats to protect you from sunburn

7. Have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated and lots of snacks to stay energized during your cleanup.

By following the above precautions and by practicing common sense while cleaning up, you can ensure a safe cleanup for you and your fellow volunteers. You are responsible for your own actions and safety. By registering for a Mermaid Straw Cleanup event, you agree that no one else is liable for your actions or any injuries except you. Please stay safe!

Cleanup Supply Checklist

Having the right supplies ensures a smooth and successful cleanup. Here's a list of cleanup must haves:

1. Closed toe shoes, sneakers or water shoes

2. Reusable Protective Gloves

3. Buckets or Bags

4. Sifters (for microplastics)

5. Reusable Water Bottle (it's important to stay hydrated)

6. Snacks 

7. Sunscreen, Hat, and Sunglasses

8. Hand held scale to weigh your buckets/bags of trash

After checking off these 8 items... You're ready to get out there and have some fun! 


After the Cleanup

Once you and your fellow volunteers have finished your cleanup, here's the next steps:

1. Weigh the trash you were able to pick up so you have a total amount in lbs or kgs.

2. Safely separate any recyclable items and set them aside to be recycled. 

3. Dispose of trash properly. Empty the non-recyclable items into a heavy duty trash bag. Be sure the bags are tightly sealed before disposing of them.

4.Submit your results! This is such an important step. This gives us the data that will allow us to track our total impact as a global Mermaid community. Please email us at: support@mermaidstraw.com with the following information:

a. Total number of participants.

b. Amount of total trash you picked up (Total weight of trash collected (lbs most ideal but we can convert if your scale is only in kgs).

5. Take a picture of you and your cleanup crew with your trash, post it on your social media and tag us @mermaidstraw. Not only will this help us inspire more people to join us, but you'll also have a chance at winning a FREE Mermaid Straw Cleanup Tee!

I'm ready! Lets go!