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Since 2018, Mermaid Straw has hosted cleanups on Lake Michigan in Indiana on the last day of each month from April through September. We have also had people from all over the world join us on these days to help cleanup their own communities. And ove the last 3.5 years, we have had almost 5,000 people help cleanup in over 345 locations across almost 40 countries, picking up over 7,000lbs of trash. 

During this time we have received so many emails and message across our social media platforms from people asking us to come their community and host a Mermaid Straw cleanup. As we are just a small wife & husband run organization, our answer has been "we unfortunately don't have the resources to do that".

However, this year, we are so excited to announce that the answer has now changed! Over the last 12 months, With the help of our friends at Driver's Gallery Buildouts & Unaka Gear Co., we have been building out a Ram Promaster Cargo Van that will be our official Mermaid Straw Cleanup Van. This van will allow us to travel around the USA and host a Mermaid Straw cleanup in your community! We will be kicking off our Cleanup Van Project this Earth Day on Friday April 22nd at the Indiana Dunes National Park. Our goal is to host a cleanup in EVERY STATE in the USA.

Our Mervan

Mervan is a 2018 Dodge Promaster 3500 EXT. We are converting it into a mobile office/cleanup van that will include:

- Sleeping spaces for 4 team members

- Garage area for storage & cleanup supplies

- Small kitchen dinette area with fridge/freezer and food storage

- Seating area 

- Electrical solar power system to power the fridge, laptops, phones, a vent fan and an A/C unit to keep our team cool during the summer months.


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