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OOPS Travel Pouch - Mermaid Straw
OOPS Travel Pouch - Mermaid Straw
OOPS Travel Pouch - Mermaid Straw

OOPS Travel Pouch


    Our linen OOPS Travel Pouch is perfect for taking your reusable straws on the go! Comes in two sizes for regular and long straws!

    Fits up to 10 straws (curved/straight) with brushes!

    Keep your straws clean in your purse, bag, car or office!

    *We have HIGH standards! OOPS items didn't quite make the cut due to minor imperfections such as minor scratches, discolorations, slight size difference, incorrect logo placement or they simply don't meet our high standards to be considered a regular Mermaid Straw product. Every OOPS item is completely functional and any defect is purely cosmetic.

    As an environmentally conscious company, we hate the idea that just because an item is slightly different or scuffed, it should be thrown out when it's 100% functional.

    Our OOPS items are offered at a deep discount to ensure our perfectly imperfect products still receive the love they deserve!




    Mermaid Straw is proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet. An organization bringing together more than 2,000 eco-conscious members, in over 45 countries, who pledge a portion of their sales to help protect the future of our planet. Learn more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Keep this in my backpack

    I bought this pouch to keep some extra straws in my backpack. It slides perfect into the pocket and fits all of my straws and brushes!

    Great for on the go

    Honestly the chances of my spilling something in or on my travel pouch are pretty high so it just made more sense to get ones that were already oops! I love how many straw my travel pouch holds. I throw in in the washer every week or so and it doesn't fade. Will definitely be getting more!

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