On April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans rallied in the streets to raise awareness about the environmental disasters that were taking place at the time, all thanks to a gentleman by the name of Gaylord Nelson. Considered the first Earth Day, this began the fight to save our planet. Over the last 50 years, people have used this day as a way to raise awareness about the damage that has been done to our planet by hosting parades, going on climate strikes and giving back. If you’re someone who wants to fully embrace Earth Day but are having trouble thinking of what you can do, here’s a list of 50 ways you can get involved!

1. Plant flowers 
2. Do a cleanup in your neighborhood 
3. Go for a walk at your favorite park 
4. Shop local  
5. Make zero waste confetti out of fallen leaves 
6. Host a DIY crafts Zoom party 
7. Learn how to compost 
8. Use reusable items all day and say no to single use plastic 
9. Go for a bike ride 
10. Support single use plastic free businesses 

11. Use cloth towels and ditch the paper towels 
12. Calculate your carbon footprint 
13.Trade your old bulbs for energy efficient lights 
14.Find something around your house that needs fixing 
15.Take old electronics to a proper recycling location 
16.Buy a new plant (or maybe a few) to bring some greenery indoors 
17. Build a birdhouse or install a bird feeder to help feed our flying friends 
18. Get some reusable straws (hint hint, Mermaid Straw) and say goodbye to plastic ones 
19. Start a garden in your backyard 
20. Cook with things you already have at home to avoid wasting food

21. Go meatless for the day 
22. Find empty jars around the house and get creative
23. Make your own cleaning products
24. Sell your old unwanted belongings online to give them a new life with someone else
25. Do some yoga
26. Unplug for the day and skip electronics
27. Unsubscribe from your junk mail to skip the wasteful ads
28. Use reusable shopping bags
29. Take part in Stand for Trees
30. Switch any bills you can over to e-bills or automatic payment 

31. Find a conservation organization you are passionate about and get involved
32. Call or email local officials and urge them to help save the planet
33. Adopt a Highway
34. Offer to Zoom with students at a local school about how they can make a difference
35. Enjoy a zero waste picnic
36. Have a bonfire with your family
37. Start reading E-books to ease the demand of physical paper copies- save the trees!
38. Switch to reusable batteries 
39. Open windows around your house and turn off the air conditioning for day
40. Create a rain barrel to conserve water and use the rainwater for your plants/garden 

41. Make crafts with items around the house that aren’t used anymore         
42. Shop second hand shops online
43. Contact your utility company and discuss renewable energy options for your home
44. Take a short shower to conserve water
45. Print your documents double sided at work to save paper
46. Go through your closet and donate old clothes
47. Donate to an animal sanctuary
48. Leave the car at home when you can. If you are traveling a short distance, walk or ride a bike instead
49. Plant a tree
50. Celebrate Earth Day everyday! 

The reality is, there are so many different ways to celebrate Earth Day. But when it comes down to it, changing our habits for a single day isn’t enough. This is the only Earth we have; there are no second chances or a plan b. To truly make a difference, treat every day like Earth Day and start making permanent changes. It can be as easy as using a reusable straw or starting a meatless Monday tradition with your family. It isn’t about perfection, it’s about doing your best for the future of our beautiful planet. 

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.”- Jane Goodall